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At Deep End of the Sandbox, we do vintage right. None of this "gentle love-snuggle time-I'll call you in the morning" BS.  Because we're not your grandma's antique store.

Sorry for mentioning sex and your grandma in the same sentence.

We specialize in retro.  In affordability.  In pinspirations.  In awesome.

We carry video games- from Intellivision and Atari, to the complete Nintendo line-up, to XBox. 

We carry vinyl records, rock and roll memoribilia, tee shirts hand picked from thrift stores and closets all across the land.  We have toys, man.  The toys you forgot you loved. Star Wars, He-Man, GI Joe, My Little Pony, Huggabunch, Fisher Price Little People, Alf, Transformers, Matchbox cars, robots, board games, the list goes on and on!

Here's how it goes:

"Oh, hi, I love New Kids on the Block"

"Yeah we've got that"


"Oh hi, I like ironic tee shirts"



"Im looking for a large neon Nathan's Hot Dog sign"

"What, you don't say 'Hi'?!, whatever- we have that too"


And beyond the awesome rock and 80's and 90's, we also have antiques!

Mason jars, tube radios, mid century furniture and decor, coca cola merch, signs, old newspapers, military, handmade sculptures and art, glassware, wood crates, PLENTY of ingredients for your next pinterest project!!!


We get new things in every day, and, if luck is on our side, we sell things every day too.

So it's hard to always update pics to the website- looking for something in particular?  Send us an email or call! 


Take a look at our online gallery. During your virtual tour of Deep End Of Sand Box, view some of our unique products and see what we have available in our store. Better yet, come visit us in person.

Just a few of our vintage Star Wars figures
Preschool toys including Fisher Price little people, sesame street, playskool, cabbage patch kids, wooden blocks, pound puppies, mega blocks, and more
HOt Wheels fold and go playset from 1979!
Vintage cameras from Brownie, Kodak, Polaroid, Pentax and more.
Collectible glassware from coca cola, pepsi, and fast food exclusives. Coca Cola wooden crates too!

Store Location

Deep End Of Sand Box
650 Portion Rd

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Phone: 631 676-3130


Store Hours

Wednesday - Friday 11-6

Saturday 11-5

Sunday 12-4

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